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MATH Lab: Studying the use of technology to teach prerequisite math skills to learners with disabilities


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Who I Am

For over ten years, I have devoted my life to improving the lives of children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral Level. As a behavior analyst, I want to ensure that all children have the ability to learn in the way that suits them best and allows them to live as independently as possible. This requires the use of behavior analytic principles. My goal is to bring those principles to the classroom teachers who will be providing that instruction. Behavior Analysis has the power to change lives. I want to ensure that happens.


I focus on those learners with more severe disabilities and believe in the principle that every child can learn but we need to identify the way they learn best. As someone interested in special education, I look to teach academic subjects, particularly mathematics. I feel that learning math is very important because so many of our daily activities involve some level of math literacy. I want to make sure that all learners, particularly those with disabilities, can develop the skills beyond just functional skills of time and money. Their future independence hinges on developing these skills.

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