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It Should Be Easier

It really doesn’t take that long to write a blog post, right? Just jot down some thoughts into a few paragraphs. Try to sound coherent. Make them relevant.

Okay, so it isn’t easy for me to do this quite as often as I had planned. My goal was to do this weekly at best and bi-weekly at worst. And as you can see (if there are any people acutally reading this), I can barely make it once per month.

Behaviorally, I don’t have the contingencies in place to make writing this blog reinforcing enough to engage in that behavior. I do write. But it is more academic writing for work than for pleasure. And then there is the grading for the classes I’m teaching. But enough of the excuses.

I think I’m settling into my academic routine. Things are going pretty well. Once I get the first Promotion and Tenure documents done, I’ll have more time. And then maybe I can get my contingencies straightened out. Behavior analysis works wonders to change behavior. But it isn’t always easy to do on yourself.

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