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Welcome to the Math and Technology Research Lab

I’ve changed the site a bit now that I have some time. The semester is over, and I’m done with grading. All that is left is some data collection for my latest project. And that’s what made me change the website. I’m turning this into a reflection of my research interests. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

My current project revolves around using video modeling to provide instruction on pre-numeracy math skills to young students with disabilities. I’m really interested in how we can provide basic instruction that can set up the students for success with more advanced math down the road. I’ve seen plenty of students that could rote count but when asked to do anything more, I got blank stares. That got me thinking about how important those early math skills were in creating a functional repertoire. A basic understanding of numbers and how they relate to each other are the building blocks for the main functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Our current project was funded by a small internal grant which paid for the equipment and testing materials. I purchased 6 iPad Minis with protective cases and the Test of Early Mathematics Ability, 3rd edition (TEMA-3). The rest of the materials were created by the team. I am pretty good with PowerPoint.

We tested all of the potential students using the TEMA-3 to determine their current abilities. Once we identified the missing skills, we created worksheets and task analyses for teaching those skills. By recording the task analyses, we created videos the students would use to learn the skill. The rationale for using video modeling is based on a Multi-Tiered System of Support. I am working to show that the video model can act as a second-tier support by providing consistent prompting of the skill after initially being taught. This would allow the teacher or other staff to provide more intrusive prompting.

We are finishing up data collection this week. After break, we’ll go back in and do some maintenance probes and another round of TEMA-3 tests. Then we will do some pre-/post-test analysis of scores and the multiple baseline probe data to show the effect. Spoiler alert: the students are learning the skills. I’m curious about the growth on the TEMA-3.

Now that I’m turning this website into a part of my research lab, I am adding time in my week to update how things are progressing. I don’t want to give too much away with the projects we’re doing, so I think I’ll be talking about general concepts until things get published. But you might get some good little tidbits too.

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